CATEGORY: Tobacco & Vaping
PRACTICES: Creative Direction

The Japanese colossus JTI (Japan Tobacco International: Camel, Winston, Benson & Hedges) is ready to launch its latest marvel on the Italian market: Ploom, the new generation tobacco heater that is ready to revolutionize the world of tobacco. A physical event to present the product directly to the public was already planned but due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions finding an alternative became of paramount importance.

  We created an event for the press and journalists which took place entirely online on The Bridge, our polyfunctional platform for digital events. It started off with a personal invitation and a countdown which built up the hype. To make the event unforgettable we combined the most advanced broadcast design technologies. Virtual Studio, Interactive 3D and Q&A, all live. The event was presented by the guru of innovation Rudy Bandiera together with the Managing Director and Marketing Director of JTI.